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On the Eve of the Shoa Day (May 4th, 2016), we, the members of Remember-Together propose that jews from all across the globe unite through a ceremony which takes place within the secured family circle. In an intimate atmosphere together with our children, we read from a short Hagada and light six candles in remembrance of those six million who perished: Two small candles in memory of the children, two medium sized in memory of the parents and two large in memory of the grandparents.

We have started a new tradition, and this is our Way To Remember ...

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If you would like to know more about us please Check out this video.

Children Exhibitions of Remembrance-Menorah.

Families working together to create a menorah from common household items.

- ARMONIM School

Selected Works from Artist Exhibitions during Holocaust Day, Tel-Aviv, April 2003.

- Avi Biran
- Tally Ben-Tzion

Remembrance Day Menorah, by Chen-Holon.

Following the spirit and concept of our foundation, Chen-Holon is manufacturing the first of its kind consumer model for a remembrance menorah. Read more...

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